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TM Pups

The Aujudon Kennel | Buy A Tibetan Mastiff

The Aujudon Kennel Mastiff

NOTE: Visit our homepage or breeders list if you want to find a Tibetan Mastiff. 

Elliott and Bill are two young male Tibetan Mastiffs who are black and tan and in good health. They are 2-year-old brothers that are microchipped, weigh 75 to 80 lbs, and are looking for a new home. They are NOT rescues. They’ve been neutered and have had all of their immunizations. Both parents are AKC Champions with hips and elbows that are OFA GOOD and thyroid levels that are normal.

Returned To The Breeder

They are energetic, fun-loving dogs who enjoy playing!  They have never bitten anyone before. They were raised together and have a strong bond with one another. I’m trying to get them to move in together if at all possible. Milk Bones, pig ears, chew toys, and other snacks are some of their favorites! They’re now eating a soy-free, wheat-free, corn-free kibble topped with cooked chicken or canned food. They’re used to eating beside each other and have no problems doing so.

Bill and Elliott were returned to me, (the breeder), per our contract, by the owner, who had to go into assisted living, due to health problems.
T Mastiffs Aujudon Kennel

Temperament Of The Tibetan Mastiffs

They like both people and children and get along very well with TM females and horses. I would suggest caution when dealing with very young children, as their energy may knock them down with joy! They were kept inside at their previous owner’s residence and allowed to go outside whenever they wanted via a dog door. They were crate trained from the time they were puppies. I would recommend keeping them under observation in the house for a few months and then putting them outside or in a crate when they are home alone until they have adjusted to their new surroundings and house rules. They are housetrained, but in a new home, they will require a good routine and a refresher course.

They both walk nicely on a leash and like going for walks! They are quite comfortable to ride. They’d have to get used to being in a crate again, but they’ve done fine being crated to dry after a bath.

A Fenced Yard Is Needed

There are no exceptions to the requirement for a fenced yard. Fencing would need to be between 5 and 6 feet tall, with a secure bottom and gates that were kept securely closed. They can readily scale a four-foot fence. They’ve done a fantastic job with the 6′ chain link fencing and haven’t tried any escapes.

When it comes to adopting a dog, having a fenced-in yard is essential. TMs are energetic dogs who require a secure environment in which to run and play. These dogs can’t be left alone all day, but they also can’t be trusted to roam free in the neighborhood. A fenced yard allows them to have supervised playtime and exercise sessions in an environment where they will not be in danger.

Both boys like digging for fun, although they aren’t extreme diggers. They are not excessive barkers and will stop when reprimanded, but I would anticipate them to bark a little more at first in a new environment until they become acclimated to it.

Applicants should expect to be screened, see Bill and Elliott in person, submit a veterinarian reference, and photos of their yard or home. Bill and Elliott are not available for shipping and must be picked up in person. New owners must also sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee.