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Elliott and Bill are black/tan, healthy, young male Tibetan Mastiffs. They are brothers, 2 years old, microchipped, about 75-80 lbs, and available for re-homing. They are NOT rescues. They are neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Both parents are AKC Champion, who were both OFA GOOD for Hips and OFA Normal for elbows, and thyroid normal.

Bill & Elliot Returned To The Breeder

They are lively, active, fun dogs, who like to play!!! They have absolutely NO history of biting. They have been raised together and are very bonded with each other. If possible, I am trying to have them go together to a new home. They love Milk Bones, chew toys, pig ears, and other treats! They are currently eating a wheat free, soy free, corn free kibble with cooked chicken or canned food as a topper. They are used to eating side by side with no issues.
Bill and Elliott were returned to me, (the breeder), per our contract, by the owner, who had to go into assisted living, due to health problems.

Temperament Of The Tibetan Mastiffs

They both get along well with TM females, horses, and like both adults and kids. I would advise caution with very small children, as in their exuberance, they could knock them down with happiness! At their previous owner’s house they were kept in the house, going outdoors at will, via a dog door. They were originally crate trained as pups. I would advise supervision in the house for a couple of months, and put outside or crated when home alone, until they are used to their new home and new house rules. They are house trained, but will need a good schedule and reminder course in a new home.
They both walk well on leash, and love to take walks! They ride well. They would need acclimating to a crate again, but have done well being crated to dry after a bath.

A Fenced Yard Is Needed

A fenced yard is required, no exceptions. Fencing would need to be 5’-6’ foot, with a secure bottom and with gates kept securely latched. They can easily get over 4’ fencing. They have done excellent with 6’ chain link fencing and have not attempted any escapes. 

Both boys enjoy recreational digging, but have not been extreme diggers. They are not excessive barkers, and will quit when reprimanded, but I would expect them to bark a bit more at a new home, until they are used to their new surroundings.

Applicants can expect to be screened, come in person to meet Bill and Elliott, provide a vet reference and pictures of their yard/home. Bill and Elliott can NOT be shipped, but must be picked up in person. In addition, new owners must sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee.
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! “Blind” email inquiries with no name or information will be deleted. Please send basic information about yourself such as name, location, family, other pets, kids, etc.

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