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TM Pups

Why be Ethical When Buying A Tibetan Mastiff From A Breeder?

Whenever it is about dog breeding, “ethics” is probably the most frequently used word. Ethics is fundamental in any and all types of breeding programs, but it is perhaps more significant in the case of canines than it is in the case of any other animal.

In the whole animal kingdom, our relationship with our pups is unique. Dogs are not cattle, nor are they self-sufficient companions. Dogs seek to make a significant and enduring connection with us that is deeper than most other interactions between people. So, of all the things we can welcome into our lives, our pups need a certain level of trust from those who sell them and obligation from those who own them.

Ethical Tibetan Mastiff Breeding Standards

  • Buyers want breeders to only breed the “best” dogs, thus we should feel obligated to pick those dogs. We don’t use dogs in our breeding program simply because we own them or because they live in the neighborhood.
  • The practice of breeding immature Tibetan Mastiffs or “accidental breedings” is frowned upon by ethical breeders.
  • We want to enhance the breed by prioritizing the welfare of individual dogs over our own needs or our wallets.
Buying A Tibetan Mastiff From A Breeder

Buy Tibetan Mastiff From Ethical Breeder

The buyer must also commit to becoming the dog’s main caregiver for the rest of the dog’s life. The buyer owes it to the dog to care for it properly and compassionately, to recognize that the dog is more than a new fancy toy, and to understand that it is a living, growing being with everyday necessities.

Why Breeders Should Search For Ethical Buyers

An ethical buyer plays an integral part in weeding out unethical breeders. By insisting to only work with and purchase from ethical breeders, buyers help to eliminate puppy millers and other unscrupulous breeders.

Ethical buyers encourage ethical breeders, so by reducing the market for badly bred dogs, they contribute to the overall health and happiness of all dogs. As long as there is a market for them, there will always be unethical people prepared to breed or purchase badly bred, mass-produced, inexpensive dogs. While ethical breeders refuse to participate in this business, they have little power to stop it.

Only ethical buyers are capable of doing so. In reality, no ethical breeders’ organization has the authority to oblige a breeder to be ethical. Nobody has the right to instruct someone else how to breed or care for their dogs. If buyers stop buying from unethical breeders, they’ll eventually go out of business, and the lives of a lot of dogs and people will be better as a result.

So, why is it important for a breeder or a buyer to be ethical? The main rationale is for the benefit of the dogs. Because we, as humans, all play a part in bringing TM puppies into the world and are thus responsible for their care throughout their lives, both the buyer and the breeder are required to treat the pups and each other responsibly. It is a collaborative effort between the two parties that, if well-suited, will offer anyone involved with a lifetime of happiness.

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