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On a weekly basis TM Info has received email from owners who feel unable to cope with some of the more challenging aspects of Tibetan Mastiff ownership and, in some cases, owners are ready to throw in the towel. Because of my volunteer time, I have come to regard TM ownership as a community effort that stems from three sources.

Tibetan Dog Breeders

It’s not just about a puppy sale! Breeders must educate themselves and take the time to give extensive and long-term support to their puppy people. Experienced and knowledgeable breeders should be able to guide owners through the projected life stages of the Tibetan Mastiff.

Tibetan Mastiff Owners

Owners must take the initiative to educate themselves when it comes to basic dog care and management. While there never seem to be enough hours in the day, it only benefits the breed and your dog when owners routinely check in with breeders. 

Keeping in touch helps breeders keep tabs on a multitude of potential behavioral or health issues. While it may be challenging, TM ownership should be filled with joyful and satisfying moments. 

Yet when budding issues are left to bloom into full-fledged destructive, anxious or problematic guardian behavior, some owners want to give up their dog. It only stands to reason that a little prevention goes a long way when it comes to avoiding impending problems.

Volunteer Mentors

It is unfortunate that we can’t guarantee that breeders will take responsibility for their puppies so volunteer mentors need to give of their time, knowledge and experience. It is essential that owners have a primary resource that teaches, advises and encourages so TM Info strives to bring numerous informational writings. 

Happily, it has been my experience that when first-time owners are presented with and are shown how to implement management techniques, they do better with their dogs.

So welcome to the world of Thaddeus Munch!

Since there really isn’t a definitive “how to” manual for the Tibetan Mastiff breed this new series of articles featuring our site’s new mascot are specifically designed and presented to owners so that counsel can be given for common everyday situations. Believe me. I don’t profess to have all the answers. 

But when it comes to giving counsel to the public about any breed I have come to believe that an owner can only do his best to control his own behavior and that of his dog. 

It may be that your dog proves the exception to the rule when it comes to any given strategy, but the following articles are intended to help owners understand basic guardian characteristics and to give specific management strategies to correct many common behavioral problems. 

I do not breed any other breeds and can’t speak to their behavior or the expectations an owner may have of them. With close to 15 years of living with and learning about the breed, it is merely far easier for this breeder to advise as to the likely reaction and outcome of any scenario from the Tibetan Mastiff perspective.


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The Tibetan Dog Character

T Mastiffs For Personal Security

While your TM can do a wonderful job alerting you to visitors and changes around your home, he is not an electronic security system that you can program to turn on and off.  Some do’s and dont’s for managing at-home guardian behaviours.

Fearful Tibetan Mastiff Being Aggressive with Visitors

Is your TM acting up around company in your home? This article addresses common issues and offers practical socializing strategies.

Mastiffs At the Dog Park

Your TM’s guardian and territorial nature could spell trouble at the local dog park.  Put him in a win-win situation by offering various socializing alternatives.

Tibetan Mastiff FAQ

Visit our Tibetan Mastiff FAQ session, where we answer the most commonly asked questions about this wonderful breed of dog. 

Other Helpful Articles About the Tibetan Breed

TM Breed Info hand out (pdf). A small and handy online info pamphlet that quickly gives you the basics about this breed, and how you can take care of both yourself and your dog in the best possible way. 

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