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TM Pups

Tibetan Dog Safety Including Mastiff Fencing, Spaying And Neutering

Huge TM Dog In A Fence

Dogs are like children. They need much attention, love, and care from their parents. At times, they would even be in a bad mood when things don’t get according to how they wanted them to be. But at the end of the day, they will love their parents unconditionally and protect them from any harm.

It really saddens me how my neighbors are just letting their dogs roam around the village without any supervision. This is especially true when the dogs weren’t neutered or spayed, contributing to their growing population. It’s good if the puppies produced from those dogs were going to be with a happy family but if it’s the other way around, more pups would just become lonely as they roam the streets searching for food to eat.

As a dog lover and owner, I value the importance of making sure that every pet is well-taken care of. The growing population isn’t only evident within humans as it can also be seen with dogs. Fencing, spaying, or neutering dogs can really be a big help in each and every country.

Brown Mastiff Inside A Fence

The Importance of Spaying Or Neutering A Tibetan Mastiff

If you already have a TM or planning to buy one, it is really important to understand your responsibilities as a pet parent. You should take accountability for your dog’s safety and wellness, as well as the safety and wellness of other animals in your neighborhood. 

This would be done by putting a leash on your Mastiff or even by providing them with a fence that’s suitable for their height. If you have concerns about when’s the best time to get your TM neutered or spayed, go and consult your breeder or your trusted veterinarian. 

Tibetan Mastiff Safety

Safety isn’t only applicable to humans as it applies to dogs as well. Pet parents should always think of their pets’ safety as a top priority. TMs are difficult to train when it comes to knowing their boundaries. Also, by not giving them a good fence, they’ll probably just leave their property and roam around. Having a Tibetan Mastiff come near you by yelling “here” or “come” may sometimes be ineffective since only a few of them are trained to obey directions off-leash.

You wouldn’t want your cuddly dog to be hit by a speeding vehicle or even be attacked by a stray dog or another animal. If you are currently in a rural area, you wouldn’t also want your TM to bother any farm animals as your dog may be shot. All of these would be prevented by always keeping your dog on a leash and giving them independence in a confined yard.

Mastiffs In A Fence

Protecting You and Your Dog Under The Law

Let’s all admit it, pet parents are frequently the victims of lawsuits in our litigious society. Most of these lawsuits are justifiable because every state has a law requiring you to always keep an eye on your pet, making loose pets a liability. If your dog is not on a leash or kept inside a fence, then it is evident that your dog is not under your supervision or control.

Cases vary between countries but to give you an idea, many pet parents have paid a huge amount of money because they left their dogs without a leash and cause a lot of damage. If you are willing to pay a huge amount of money then good for you. However, in some situations, your dog’s life may be at stake. 

Having Your TM Dog Off-Leash In Dog Parks?

You may see a lot of cute, small dogs wandering around parks and playing happily with one another. But now, you’re questioning yourself on whether you should let your Mastiff roam around a dog park without a leash. Before answering your question, you should remember that Tibetan Mastiffs were bred as guard dogs.

As a TM owner, you should take extra precautions when letting your dog roam around off-leash. These dogs were known for being fiercely territorial. This means that even if you have already enjoyed going to dog parks together before, he may still have the tendency to think of it as his territory and defend it from other pets as he grows up. 

T Mastiff Puppy Leash Walking

If you have children, seeing them walk for the first time brings you so many emotions. This would be the same with puppies as you teach them how to walk with a leash on. This would promote safety in your future walks with him. If you are planning to buy a collar, make sure to use well-made flat collars, and choke collars shouldn’t be an option. If trained early and properly, choke collars aren’t going to be needed even if they’re already adults. As for the leash, go for a 6-to-8-foot leash or a Flexi-leash that’s suited for your puppy’s weight.

You shouldn’t be complacent of how well your TM behaves when he is in a closed fence as you wouldn’t know what supernatural and miraculous feats of escapism are they capable of. You can ask your breeder for further steps to prevent your puppy from escaping your property.

Black And Tan T Mastiff

Fencing Your Tibetan Mastiff

Although no confinement system is perfect, breeders commonly suggest a six-foot fence around your yard. These dogs have the tendency to eat through or dig under any barrier in their path so even if you have a wood or a chain-link fence, continuous supervision is needed. You may think about building taller fencing if you are in a colder climate to plan for seasonal snow during the winter season. 

While pet owners in rural areas may feel at ease leaving their dogs caged outside during the day, people who live in urban areas may not. This is due to the fact that unsupervised TMs can soon get to be a barking nuisance or become an easy target for neighboring kids to hurt and taunt them.

Underground Dog Fencing

Underground dog fencing may sometimes work but it’s not usually a good idea to do so. Even though your dog stays on the premises with the right training, the invisible fencing will not prevent stray dogs, other creatures, children, or even adults from going inside the yard. Any of these possibilities could be harmful.

The Tibetan Mastiff - A Guardian Breed

Tibetan Mastiffs are clearly a guardian breed. They were bred to protect territories, people, and other animals. Ethical breeding should always be practiced with this breed. In this case, ethical breeders aren’t going to sell you a puppy when you don’t have a securely enclosed yard.

Both breeders and owners should always keep the dog’s safety as their utmost priority. Sadly, frustrated and denied buyers will go to the next breeder. Most of the puppies bought from unethical breeders would undeniably be much cheaper but you haven’t solved the issue of how to deal with the future containment issues that an unenclosed yard and a guardian dog would almost certainly bring.

The Fence Protects Your Dog

Always keep in mind that if you are planning to buy this breed, you are prepared for the responsibilities that you need to make. If a breeder doesn’t require your place to have proper fencing or you don’t like the idea of building a sturdy fence for your dog, then this breed is clearly not suitable for you.