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Tibetan Dog Photo Calendar Contest | Best Mastiff Photos

We are now officially showcasing the 25 winners that will grace the pages of the TMINFO Calendar. You can see the 13 first place winners followed by the 12 secondary winners below. 

We want to thank everyone who participated in the calendar and send out happy congratulations to all of the winners!

The Photo Contest Results Are In!

For those who did not make the final selection or win a spot in the calendar this year or for the 2009 calendar, please keep those photos handy. Before you know it, another year will have rolled around and we heartily encourage you to re-submit those photos for consideration as a 2011 Calendar entry.

In the meantime, keep those cameras close at hand. You just never know when you’ll capture that perfect shot. Thank you to everyone for their continued support of the TM Info site!

2 Tibetan Mastiffs - Cover Winner

Zodd & Måne

12 Primary T Mastiff Photo Winners

12 Small Secondary Tibetan Dog Photo Winners