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TM Pups

Tibetan Dog Photo Calendar Contest | Best Mastiff Photos

We truly appreciate the great contributions of the contestants who participated. Even though the photos are outdated today, we feel that it would be such a shame to trash can them when instead, your TM images can be of delight and inspiration for the hundreds of people who visit this website every day. 

As some of you may remember, TM info showcased the winners that graced the pages of the Tibetan Mastiff Info calendar. Below, you will find a handful of the first place contestant winners as well as the photos that were place second. 

Again, a huge “thank you” to everybody that participated. Still to this day, you help us celebrate and highlight one of the first and rarest dog species on the Planet.  

The TM Photo Contest Results

A special thanks to the Swedish TM owner who took the photo below. The photo has such a symmetry and harmonious feel. And kudos for choosing those names for your dogs. May you all keep your cameras handy. Who knows when you will get the photo shot you will never forget? Thank you all for continuing to support the TM Info website. You are appreciated, still to this day. 

2 Tibetan Mastiffs - Cover Winner

T Mastiff Calendar Contest
Zodd & Måne

12 Primary T Mastiff Photo Winners

12 Small Secondary Tibetan Dog Photo Winners

The 2010 Tibetan Mastiff Photo Calendar got sold out in short time order.