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Photo Index Of Tibetan Mastiffs 2013

Mastiff Photo - Bijou
USA Mastiff Photo
Big puppy in NYC

Here’s a little part of Tibetan Mastiff Info’s Photo Index from 2013. The remaining photos have been stored and may be used at a later date. Thank you to everyone who took part. We are grateful to you!

The Benefits Of Seeing Cute Dog Pictures


Interacting with Tibetan Mastiff pups produces good emotional responses in the majority of citizens. Scientists have previously discovered that when humans are near dogs, their blood levels of oxytocin increase.

Stress hormones are reduced when humans and dogs interact positively. There’s evidence that dogs are good at interpreting human social signs, particularly facial cues, that they can distinguish various human facial regions, and that they pay special attention to the eye region.

Importance Of Taking Pictures Of Your Pets

If you have a dog, it’s likely that you’ve already spent a significant amount of time photographing it. What’s to stop you? Pets, whether dogs, cats, or even guinea pigs, are known for their photogenic qualities. Aside from that, as a proud dog parent and photographer, your dog is already a subject with whom you have a strong emotional attachment, so it’s only natural to capture a few photos along the journey.

While dogs can’t fully comprehend photographs and can’t identify everything in them, they are far ahead of any other animal when it comes to facial recognition.

People frequently display images throughout their homes to illustrate stories or achievements they would like to share with their visitors and guests. Pet portraits aren’t much different. When you have company, you can utilize the portraits of your dogs as conversation starters. It would be a fun way for your guests to learn more about your furry friend.

Consider doing a yearly portrait of your dog, especially for significant occasions like every Christmas or during their birthday. It’s essential that you value your dogs while they’re still alive. Fortunately, pet pictures of your cats and dogs can outlast their lives, so you’ll always have a memento of your beloved pet.