Renegade Vegas


Shang-Hai's Wanted Man at Vara x Shang-Hai's What Happens In Vegas



GCH Shadow of the Cascades x CH Ampo Kata of Tophill



CH Shang-Hai Capital Punishment x CH Shang Hai's Sachi



Shang-Hai's Wanted Man at Vara "Renegade" has an amazing temperament that we hope to see in his offspring. He is the most mellow, gentle, and well-mannered dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was extremely easy to train as a puppy, is great with kids and other dogs, and will cuddle whenever given the chance. In addition to his temperament, we hope he will pass on his excellent movement, impressive head, and large size. His sire is currently the #1 Tibetan Mastiff in the nation and his uncle is the #2 TM in the nation.


Renegade is OFA Prelim Hips GOOD - Elbows NORMAL. Final OFA results are pending.



Shang-Hai's What Happens in Vegas "Vegas" has beautiful structure, incredible movement, and coat for days. She is very affectionate with her family but a loyal guardian when need be. Vegas is athletic, outgoing and also comes from excellent bloodlines. Both of her parents have a long list of show achievements to their names.


Vegas is OFA Hips GOOD - Elbows NORMAL.



Renegade's Sire & Dam


Cascade Raven






Vegas' Sire & Dam


Felon Sachi







Puppies are expected to be black & tan, blue & tan and also variations of gold.

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Vara Tibetan Mastiffs

Burlington, Wisconsin