View Tibetan Mastiffs not in a rescue situation but that need new homes.



Since there really isn't a definitive "how to" manual for the Tibetan Mastiff breed this new series of articles is specifically designed and presented to owners so that counsel can be given for common everyday situations.



This is a book of discovery into the exotic and breeds from Tibet and the Himalayas: the Tibetan mastiff, the rare KyiApso, the Himalayan mountain dog, and the least known, Tibetan hunting dog, the Sha-kyi. Read more..



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The volunteers at Tibetan Mastiff Info have been dedicated to building the ultimate informational website since its inception in 2005. Serving the international community of breeders, owners and fanciers, we are without club/organization affiliation. Our content focus is to distribute practical information about our magnificent breed and to ensure the well-being and safety of each dog through responsible care-giving. A wonderful source and guide for potential and new owners. Find out how to link to us here.


Check Out the Tibetan Mastiff
Pedigree Database!

It's been a labor of love as we've delved into the recorded history of the noble Tibetan Mastiff breed and TM Info has launched our very own Tibetan Mastiff Pedigree Database. We encourage your participation. Feel free to explore and try out many of the features as you can now enter your dog's pedigree information directly.


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