Family pet from Northstar breeder. We are looking to rehome preferably to a MN family who loves the outdoors and who would love her like a family member like we have.

She has been raised with 5 children and is awesome with them. She has been great around other dogs as well. She has all vaccinations and yearly grooming for thick winter coat. She prefers to sleep and be outside 24-7 and comes inside for snuggles and family time. We do not know how she is with cats.

She has never been kenneled at our home and has free run of our yard on 3 acres of woods. She is trained to stay in our property on an invisible fence. She has not been walked on a leash much since she runs our woods. We do take her swimming in our river which she loves.

With heavy hearts we need to find her a happy, loving home in a northern climate. We are moving south in extreme heat due to a job relocation. Leila would not be happy in a hot climate. She is a northern dog and prefers cooler weather and bring outdoors.


For more information please contact us:

Tara Schoeller

Tibetan Mastiff Info.com