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Heavenly Lion

We have decided to arrange the photos by location since we felt people would most like to know which dogs are in their immediate area.  This is especially helpful to someone who is new to the breed and would like to meet the dogs in person before deciding if the Tibetan Mastiff is truly right for them.  This is strongly recommended.

Enter the Gallery!

We encourage everyone to submit their favorite photos to represent their location.  The United States will be broken down by state, Canada by province and the rest by country.  If the gallery grows large enough then individual countries may eventually be organized into smaller geographic areas.

We ask that all submitted photos be clear and in focus. Ideally it is best if you do not resize and crop the images too small. And to better help us organize your TM photo albums we ask that you include:

  • Your name and address
  • Your dog's name
  • Dog's gender
  • Dog's age
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